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Where are the sleeping pills? -_-

I am up again, this is stupid, i have to work at the school again today. Well in the afternoon anyways. I work through my highschool as a sort of Co-op placement. An easy to get credit course. Thats it if you have a complete*your not failing in* course that you have already taken.

Right now I am watching a mixture of The nightmare Before Christmas*Autumns beloved movie* And Wolf'Rain. I never really watched Wolf's Rain before because of the popularity. But i figured, why not like something because its popular. Thats just stupid, I am who I am and I like what I like. That doesn't make me mainstream. Im FAR from that without even trying. Or so i have been told ne?

I am spending time downloaded some things and waiting for my friend Luna to give me a paint program that she found.

You know what i think, Kiba on WR has a wonderful voice.

Yesterday was the greatest day of my life. I met Christian Peacekeepers-friends of those hostages in The Iraq war- and befriended them. Long story short. But i had no idea the impact my words would have. Everything was so heartfelt, tears and all. Maybe when i am more up to it i will write the entire thing down. Since it was truly, the most beautiful moment of my life.

Ok the ending: Gravity by Mayaa Sakamoto mad me cry again >.< Damnit.

Im sort of scattered i know. I am sorry.

This is all i have to say for right now. Goodnight :)
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