Autumn (kanibaru_doru) wrote,


All right! Im getting muh shiney new 'pooter soon!! Can't wait! Turn the butter Oo oO!  Yesh. it should be great, its a custom made 'pooter, 200gb can upgrade, Dvd/cd burner, and billions of picture manipulators and what not. MUAHAHA this should be great.  Then i can get my community </a>antiquecarnivalUp and running, cause right now its pretty lame and simple. 

Im thinking of opening another community, just a jrock 'get together'  If you will. But thats later and after i get my new computer, which i will worship and love and adore everyday of my life. 

I have been really busy with Batsu forum, ya requests coming out every pore of my body, im still not done, and some wiener gave me two smelts! why? cause i didn't get their 75 uploads((which is just mean)) to them within a few days*shakes fists* Bastards! Oh well, so many people are really nice and responsive giving me 821 appluads, up yours meanie heads>:D. 

Saw Ultra Violet with Matt. That movie made NO SENSE whatsoever. Usually i like every movie i see, but this movie was just kill this, pose here, gadget gadget pose-belly button. I WOULD watch it again, but eh.

Im making moving picture header thingies for my community, it takes like 3 friggin hours for just a second of movement, BAHH!

I think i am getting off now, just go diddle daddle around or something. See you!

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