Autumn (kanibaru_doru) wrote,

Pulled an all nighter

Bah! Up again all night, and what sucks even more than that, is the fact i have to go out today. Thats right you heard me, i havn't slept for what seems like forever, and i have to go run all over downtown. Well its a good thing i can go for like a week without sleep ne?

I made that crappy Header, but i thought it suited me, simple and says alot, that turned out to be an insult .. Owch Autumn.

I also made a simple picture link to my community, in my Info, the mad hatter, thats it ^_^ not bad for 2 minutes eh?. But i have to edit it a bit, ill do that in a few. The font is hard to read.

Speaking of Antique Carnival*is whoring her community* I finally did my first post. Remember we always need new members*hint hint*

Now i think i am going to drink my Tim Hortons coffee; which i swear they drug cause its soo damned good! And play Tomb Raider until my Grandma wakes up.
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